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Using BioStor with Zotero

Zotero is a Firefox extension for collecting and managing bibliographic references. You can use Zotero to capture citations from BioStor, and you can also link to references in BioStor from within Zotero using OpenURL. Note that the instructions below assume that you are using version 2.0 or Zotero.

Storing citations

Zotero can detect when a BioStor page contains bibliograpic information, and you can import that information into you Zotero library in the normal way (see the Zotero page Getting stuff into your library).

Set up OpenURL linking

To enable OpenURL linking go the Actions button in Zotero and click on the Preferences command:

zotero menu

Click on the Advanced tab in the preferences dialog box, which should look something like this:

zotero preferences

In the section labelled OpenURL set Resolver to

Use OpenURL linking

To use OpenURL linking within Zotero, view a reference and then click on the Locate button.

zotero locate

Zotero will display the result in your Firefox browser window.

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