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Using BioStor with Firefox OpenURL Referrer Add-on

OpenURL Referrer is a Firefox extension that converts bibliographic citations in the form of COinS into URLs.

Set up OpenURL linking

Once you have installed OpenURL Referrer in Firefox, go to the Tools menu and choose the Add-ons command. This will display the list of installed Add-ons:


Select OpenURL Referrer and click on the Preferences button to display the Preferences dialog box:


Do the following:

  1. Click on New Profile and in the dialog box that appears set the profile name to "BioStor".
  2. Set the Link Server Base URL to
  3. In the section Display link as either enter some text in the Text field, for example "BioStor", or enter the URL of an image in the Image field, for example "". This image find biostor will then be displayed on web pages which contain COinS.

Use OpenURL linking

When you visit a web page that contains COinS the OpenURL referrer will insert a link (labelled with the text or the image you selected above) into the web page. Clicking on that link will take you to BioStor's OpenURL resolver.

If your installation of OpenURL referrer worked, you should see a link immediately below this sentence:

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