HERP QL 668 .E24 C36 2000 Scientific Papers Natural History Museum The University of Kansas 07 July 2000 Number 16:1-28 New Species of Stream-breeding Hylid Frogs from the Northern Versant of the Highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico By Jonathan A. Campbell' and William E. Duellman 2 'Department of Biology, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas 76019, USA '-Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center, and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 66045-2454, USA CONTENTS ABSTRACT 1 RESUMEN 2 INTRODUCTION 2 Acknowledgments 3 MATERIALS AND METHODS 4 DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW SPECIES 4 Hyla abdivita t 4 Hyla cyclada 8 Hyla psarosema 11 Ptychohyla acrochorda 15 Ptychohyla zophodes 20 DISCUSSION 24 O LITERATURE CITED 26 § APPENDIX 26 ABSTRACT Five new species of hylid frogs are described from cloud forests on the northern ^ versant of Oaxaca, Mexico. Hyla abdivita is a member of the Hyla pinorum group and occurs in the Sierra Mazateca. Another member of the Hyla pinorum group, H. melanomma bivocata Duellman and Hoyt, is elevated to specific level. Populations of frogs from the Sierra Mazateca, Sierra Juarez, and ?L the Sierra Mixes, formerly associated with H. arborescandens in the Hyla miotympanum Group, are recognized as a new species, H. cyclada. Hyla psarosema is a member of the Hyla bistincta Group and S is found in the Sierra Mixes and seems to be closely related to H. sabrina of the Sierra Juarez. Frogs ;^f © Natural History Museum, The University of Kansas ISSN No. 1094-0782 a



New species of stream-breeding hylid frogs from the northern versant of the highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico

Jonathan A Campbell and William E Duellman
Scientific Papers Natural History Museum the University of Kansas 16: 1-28 (2000)

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