PROC. ENTOMOL. SOC. WASH. 84(2). 1982. pp. 337-341 NEW SYNONYMIES AND A NEW COMBINATION IN THE NORTH AMERICAN MIRIDAE (HEMIPTERA) Thomas J. Henry Systematic Entomology Laboratory, IIBIII, Agricultural Research Ser- vice, USDA, % National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. 20560. Abstract. — Four species of Miridae (Hemiptera) from the eastern United States are shown to be synonyms: Phytocoris discoidalis Henry, 1974 = P. dreisbachi Knight, 1974; Plagiognathus inopinus Knight, 1926 = P. cdbatus Van Duzee, 1915; Rhinocapsus nuniatus Knight. 1923 = R. rubrivans Pro- vancher, 1887; and Texocoris secliidis Schaffner. 1974 = Parthcuiciis nigrel- lus Knight, 1939. The monotypic genus Texocoris Schaffner, 1974 is retained to accommodate nigreUiis (new combination). A forthcoming paper on the Miridae associated with ericaceous plants in eastern North America has prompted me to provide information showing that Rhinocapsus miniatus Knight is a junior synonym of/?, ruhricans (Pro- vancher). Additional synonymies and a new combination involving three other species from the eastern United States are also presented. Unless otherwise noted, all specimens examined are deposited in the collections of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Harrisburg. or the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. Phytocoris dreisbachi Knight Phytocoris dreisbachi Knight, 1974: 125; Kelton, 1980: 177. Phytocoris discoidalis Henry. 1974: 187; Henry, 1979: 9. New Synonymy. Knight (1974) described 15 new species of the Phytocoris junceus group. That same year I described the new species discoidalis (Henry. 1974). Be- cause my species belonged to the junceus group, I used Knight's key and found that discoidalis runs to couplet 4 with dreisbachi. Recently, after examining Knight's type-specimens, I found that discoidalis is conspecific with dreisbachi. Because Knight's description appeared a few months prior to mine, I must recognize P. discoidalis as a junior synonym of P. dreis- bachi. Phytocoris dreisbachi, originally described from Michigan, is now known



New Synonymies And A New Combination In The North American Miridae Hemiptera Heteroptera

T J Henry
Proceedings of The Entomological Society of Washington 84: 337-341 (1982)

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