Vol. 84, No. 56, pp. 477-488 29 February 1972 PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON A REVIEW OF SPECIES OF THE FAMILY SCYPHACIDAE IN THE NEW WORLD (CRUSTACEA, ISOPODA, ONISCOIDEA) By George A. Schultz \. 15 Smith St., Hampton, N. }. 08827 Species of the family Scyphacidae ( = Scyphacinae of the family Oniscidae of Vandel, 1962, p. 465) occupy beach niches on the sea coasts of the world. Eight species representing four genera are recorded from the New World. The genus Deto Guerin is represented by two species in southern South America. The genus Armadilloniscus Uljanin contains four species in North America. One species is present on the east coast and in Bermuda, and three are present on tlie west coast. The two other genera are represented by a single species each in the New World. Scyphacella arenicola Smith (1873), a monotypic genus, has been recorded from Woods Hole, Mas- sachusetts, south to Miami, Florida. Detonella papillicornis (Richardson, 1904) inhabits the coast from the western Aleu- tians south to Friday Harbor, Washington (Hatch, 1947). Detonella Lohmander contains a second species from a latitude in Asia comparable to that of southern Alaska (Sakhalin Is- land — Verhoef f , 1942 ) . For the most part species of Scyphac- idae are recorded from the Southern Hemisphere. The two gen- era at present not represented in the New World are Scyphax and Scyphoniscus. Specimens of the members of the family in both the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian In- stitution and the American Museum of Natural History were examined. More New World species probably will be dis- covered when the beach niches of the West Indies and of South America are more thoroughly explored. Species of the family have four flagellar articles on the 56— Prog. Biol. Soc. Wash., Vol. 84, 1971 (477)



A Review Of Species Of The Family Scyphacidae In The New-World Crustacea Isopoda Oniscoidea

G A Schultz
Proceedings of The Biological Society of Washington 84: 477-487 (1972)

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