HERP QL 666 .L25 T67 2000 ientific Papers Natural History Museum The University of Kansas 16 June 2000 Number 15:1-38 Ecuadorian Lizards of the Genus Stenocercus (Squamata: Tropiduridae) By Omar Torres-Carvajal Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center, and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 66045-2454, USA CONTENTS ABSTRACT 1 RESUMEN 2 INTRODUCTION 2 Historical Summary 2 Acknowledgments 3 MATERIAL AND METHODS 3 SUMMARY OF TAXONOMIC CHARACTERS 4 SPECIES ACOUNTS 5 BIOGEOGRAPHY 34 Geographical Distribution 34 Ecological Distribution 35 KEY TO THE SPECIES OF STENOCERCUS OF ECUADOR 35 LITERATURE CITED 36 APPENDIX 37 ABSTRACT A taxonomic review of lizards of the genus Stenocercus in Ecuador revealed that col- oration and certain external morphological characters, such as scales around midbody, the relation between tail length and total length, and number of subdigital lamellae on Finger IV are important taxonomic characters. Fourteen species, including two species new to science are recognized: Stenocercus aculeatus, S. angel sp. nov., S. carrioni, S. chota sp. nov., S. festae, S. guentheri, S. haenschi, S. humeralis, S. iridescens, S. limitaris, S. ornatus, S. rhodomelas, S. simonsii, and S. varius. Of the new species, Stenocercus angel occurs at elevations of 3015-3560 m in Provincia Carchi and Provincia Sucumbios, and Stenocercus chota occurs at elevations of 1575-1940 m in the Chota Valley, Provincia Imbabura. All species are redescribed, except for Stenocercus carrioni, S. limitaris, and S. simonsii, which have recent and appro- © Natural History Museum, The University of Kansas ISSN No. 1094-0782



Ecuadorian lizards of the genus Stenocercus (Squamata: Tropiduridae)

Omar Torres-Carvajal
Scientific papers of the Natural History Museum, University of Kansas 15: 1-38 (2000)

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