NEW SPECIES AND SUBSPECIES OF ODONATA By D. E. KIMMINS FROM time to time, when dealing with small collections of Odonata accessions in the British Museum (Nat. Hist.), isolated new species have been noticed and described. As the collections themselves were not of sufficient interest to warrant separate publication, the descriptions have accumulated and it is now considered desirable to publish them in a short paper, since the specimens are in the Museum collections under manuscript names. Five species and one subspecies are described and notes are given on a previously described species. Protosticta rufostigma sp. n. (Fam. Platystictidae) (Text-fig, i) S. INDIA: Tinnevelly District, Naraikadu, 2,500-3,000 ft., 3-8. ix. 1938, G. M. Henry, i & 2 ?. c. Head with labium brownish black, labrum light blue, rather broadly bordered with brownish black on anterior margin. Clypeus pale blue, frons glossy blue-black, vertex and occiput rather dull blue-black. Prothorax greenish white, posterior lobe blackish, this colour extending slightly on to the middle of the mid-lobe. Synthorax greenish black, with a bluish white, oblique stripe on each side to the mid legs and a similar stripe on the posterior part of the metepimeron, extending on to the hind legs. Legs brownish white. Abdomen blackish brown, marked with yellowish white and with blue as follows : Segment i, and possibly 2, yellowish white laterally ; segment 3 with a narrow, basal annule of yellowish white, divided dorsally with blackish, segments 4-7 with broader, yellowish white annules, only slightly widened laterally, segment 8 with its basal half blue, not extended apically at sides, 9 and 10 black. Anal appendages black (Text-fig. IB-D) ; similar in general pattern to P. davenporti Fraser, but the superiors with the basal tooth less acute and the thumb-like lobe more slender. Inferiors in dorsal aspect a little stouter. Wings hyaline, very faintly smoky ; pterostigma (Text-fig. IA) rather large, reddish brown (when viewed against a dark ground there is a narrow surround of whitish pruinescence) ; 14 postnodals in fore wing, 13 in hind wing ; Riv -f v arising well distal to subnode. $. Head and thorax similar to male. Legs paler, knees and dorsal carinae of femora brown. Wings as in male. Abdomen marked as in male, but with bluish white instead of yellowish white. Segment 7 with basal annule occupying about the basal fourth. Vulvar scale blackish, robust. Length of abdomen, $, 46 mm., $, 36 mm.; hind wing, $, 23 mm., $, 22 mm. Holotype male, allotype and paratype females in British Museum (Nat. Hist.). This species is closely related to P. davenporti Fraser, but may be distinguished by BNTOM. 7. 7. 20



New species and subspecies of Odonata

D E Kimmins
Bull Brit Mus Nat Hist Entomology 7(7): 349-358 (1958)

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