A NEW GENUS AND SPECIES OF FLY REARED FROM THE HOOF OF THE CARABAO By J. M. Aldrich Of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C. Genus B00P0NTJS 1 novum Female only. — Eye rather small, bucca (below) equal to half its height; front one-third of head width, the median stripe occupying two-thirds its width. Ocellar bristles well developed, strongly divergent; verticals two pairs, the inner convergent. Frontal bristles about fourteen in the row, reaching the middle of second antennal joint, the uppermost one diverging strongly to the side, the next just as strongly to the middle, and the following ones like it but gradually more erect. Interfrontals absent. Two small orbitals placed high up, opposite second and third frontals. Outside the frontals a uniform covering of small black hairs, which extend downward covering the para- facials and bucca except a small space outside of and above the vibrissas. Facial ridges with larger hairs nearly halfway up. Vibrissas hardly more than half as far apart as the facial ridges at their middle. Face much depressed, the ridges high and sharp. Antennas of ordinary form, not large. Arista strongly thickened on basal two-fifths, penultimate joint short, bare below, pectinate above with short hairs which at longest are hardly double the thickness of the arista. Palpi normal; proboscis short, with ordinary labella. Thorax with a row of half a dozen hypopleural bristles; sternopleurals, 2; acrostichals, 2 or 3 anterior, 3 posterior; dorsocentrals, 2, 3 ; humerals, 3 ; interhumerals, 1 ; posthumerals, 2; presuturals, 2; notopleurals, 2; intra-alars, 3; supra-alars, 2; postalars, 2 ; scutellars, 4 pairs lateral in a straight row of which the last and largest is apical, and 3 or 4 pairs above them which become subdiscal toward the tip. Hind calypter bare, twice as wide as front one. Pteropleura with hairs and a very small bristle. Abdomen without macrochsetae, covered with uniform black hairs like those on the head; hind edge of all four segments



A new genus and species of fly reared from the hoof of the Carabao

J M Aldrich
Philippine Journal of Science 22: 141-142 (1923)

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