REVISION of the AUSTRALIAN GHOST MOTHS (LEPIDOPTERA HOMONEURA, FAMILY HEPIALIDAE) PART I. \\\ NORMAN H. T1NDALK, South Austmlia* Museum. Wig. 1 41 LNTBQDUCTION. This paper is the iirsl of a series, in which il is hoped to review the Australian genera and species of the family Hepialidae, or Ghost Moths. This group includes some of the most arehaie of lepidopterous insects, verit- able living fossils, which have survived in greater profusion in the isolated con- iinnil of Australia than in any oilier part of the world. Their injurious feeding habits in the larval slate cause many of Ihem to be of Considerable economic importance to the timber and grazing industries. The present review is based on practically all the material of the family preserved in the various Museums and private collections of Australia. In 1929, through the co-Operation of the Australian National Research Council ami the Board of Governors of the South Australian Museum, most of the larger collec- tions in Victoria and New South Wales were examined, and many specimens were brought baek to Adelaide for detailed study. Special thanks for the loan of material and other data are extended to the Directors of the Australian, MaeLeay, and National Museums, to Drs. A. -I. Turner and (J. A. AVaterhouse, and to Messrs. W. B. liarnard (Toowoombai. (i. M. Goldfinch (Sydney), (\ G. L. Gooding (Moe). -1. A. Kershaw i Melbourne), G. Lyell (Gisbornei, and L. 4. Newman (Perth). A bibliography, a key to i he genera, some notes on general ecological proth lenis, and a further list of acknowledgments will be given at the conclusion of the review of genera and species. Family HEPIALIDAE. This is one of the largest surviving groups of the llomoneura, which are characterized by the marked similarity in the venation of fore-and hind-wings.



Revision of the Australian ghost noths (Lepido ptera, Homoneura, family Hepialidae). Part I

Records of The South Australian Museum 4: 497-536 (1932)

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