REVISION of thk AUSTRALIAN GHOST MOTHS (LEP1D0PTERA HOMONEURA, FAMILY HEPIAL1DAE) PART HI,* 1 ' Hv NORMAN b\ TINDAtE, fcfc-j South \r-i k.\i,ian Muskum. Fin-. Mil! >. Walker. Elhamma Walker, List Lepi Ins. Brit. Mus., vii, 18fi6 3 p. 1561. Periaseefis Meyrh-k, Prbc. Linn. Soe. N.S. Wales, iv (2), 1888, p. inn. Elhamma Kirby, Syn. Cat. Lep, I lor., 1802, p. 887, Ptrissectis pfifisnei* and Gaede, Sehx Macrolepidoptera, x, 1983, p. 841, Male wiili antennae stout, each s^egi»eHl expanded laterally and compressed longitudinally on one side (fig. 1). Labia] palpi two-segmented, nrs1 ;|s long as wide, densely clothed with ^lender hairs, second segment three times as Long as wide, Clothed apieally with short, elubbed hairs (tin. 2). Maxillary palpi rudi- mentary, CNttftpoSed &f a Single small subspherieal setrmenl. K(ircwii]<i's wit Ii R.j anastomosed with K s for a short distance before and after branching olT of H,, Ihus forming a small cell, llindwin^'s, in male, depart greatly from normal llepi aloid form; Rj IHsrd with K s to, or beyond forking oi R^ and R ;i : only two M veins present. ftt 3 and M-fused (eausino' obsoleseenee of Mj )., Cu_. reduced; Only one anal is vein developed. In the female the venation of the hindwiiurs is Unlike thai of the male, being practically identical with O.rijcnnHs oxerpt for the absence of any trace of 2A. Genotype : Wliavama inconclma Walker, synonym of Hcpialti$ ttustrnlasinc Walker, nominated by Kirby, 1892. Willkcr placed five species ( sub r<irta, invalid Lisa , si<ftr<tf<i, th h nn i imht. and antipoda) in this gefiu& On a subsequent page of his K Iji»t M he removed one species, sukvuriu, to o.njv<iiui,s. liutler in 1S74-placed tigwia in Porim, In (l) r.-iif I was published in Bee. S. Aust. Muwuin, iv, \\r.\J., pp* 497-5315, Pig; L-G4. Kwata iij 1)31*1 i :mv: hi Fig, 26 showing venal ion of Jim 11 1 imlcs h //<// i nut us til; 1 analis wins :11c wronglv niarkra. i.\ sin. hi. 1 read v,, L ,, -j.\ is LA, and 3.A is2A, Part II idem v, 193c!, pp-13-43, Pig. 1 0£. bJnatfJ 113 [Wi ii are: p. 1$, Hue IS, n-a<l " rufchniniK <l" not ■ ' ntfohni n m' ' ; page 2I>, rig. H(J, i rail "male", nol " IVmali'"; [1. 39, the U'gt mis of Lfte, SO ami Si am transposed.



Revision of the Australian ghost moths (Lepidoptera Homoneura, family Hepialidae). Part III

Records of The South Australian Museum 5: 275-332 (1935)

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