542 MR. A. G. BUTLER ON THE [DeC. 4, 9. On the Lepidoptera of Christmas Island. By A. G. Butler. [Eeceived October 15, 1888.] The Lepidoptera obtained by Mr. Lister are represented by forty- five specimens referable to ten species : unfortunately some of these are more or less injured ; but, with one exception, all tbe species are perfect enough for identification and description : they are equally divided between tlie Rbo])alocera and Heterocera, though the former are more numerous in individuals. The types are Lido-lNIalayan in character, but the species are hardly numerous eiiougli to enable one to assert that the fauna more nearly approaches that of one island than another. RHOPALOCERA. NYMPHALIDiE. euplcein^. 1. Vadebra MACLEARI. Vadehra macleari, Butler, Proc. Zool. Soc. 1887, p. 522, fig. 4. Sixteen male s])ecimens obtained on the beach in Flying-Fish Cove and on the shore-reef, on October 1st and 3rd. In all probability the female is on the wing a week later than the male, and consequently was not seen. Nymphalin^. 2. Hypolimnas listeri, n. sp. J . Rather smaller and with comparatively longer costa to the primaries than the male of H. alcmene of Java ; the fringes of the wings less prominently white ; on the under surface the basal area of the primaries is bright orange tawny, there is an oblique abbre- viated white band beyond the cell as in //. nerina of Queensland ; the fourth and fifth whitish spots of the externo-discal series are absent, the submarginal lunulated spots on all the wings and the discal series of bluish spots on the secondaries are much less prominent, and the white band connecting the costal and anal spots is almost entirely obliterated ; the apical area of the primaries and basal area of the secondaries are paler. Expanse of wings 75-87 millim. 5 . Most like the female of D. nerina ; the abbreviated white band on the primaries being equally prominent and the tawny patch rather more so ; the discal series, however, consists of a few minute bluish points ; the secondaries show no trace of the large white patch of D. nerina, but occasionally there is a small central squa- mose blue spot on these wings ; the submarginal and marginal blue spots are present though indistinct. The under surface agrees with that of tlie male excepting that the orange basal area of the pri- maries is more extensive ; the externo-discal series of spots complete



On the Lepidoptcra of Christmas Island

A G Butler
Proceedings of The Zoological Society of London 1888: 542-555 (1888)

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