Guide to using Biostor

This page provides a guide to using BioStor to find a reference. At its heart BioStor is an OpenURL resolver, wich you can use either from within bibliographic software and web sites, or through BioStor's web interface.

Using BioStor as a service

You can use BioStor to find references from within EndNote and Zotero. If you use the Firefox web browser you could install the OpenURL Referrer add on, which will add the same functionality to sites that support support COinS, such as Mendeley.

If you are using BioStor in this way, you can skip the next ahead to...

Using the web interface

BioStor's OpenURL resolver provides a query form for entering the bibliographic details of the reference you are searching for. You can enter these details directly, or have BioStor parse the citation for you.

Citation parser

BioStor has a simple citation parser:


If you paste a citation (such as the one below) and click on the Parse button, BioStor will attempt to parse it and, if successful, it will populate the bibliographic details form.

If the parser succeeds you will see a tick beside the Parse button:


Find from bibliographic details

Below the citation parser is a form where you can enter bibliographic details of the reference you are searching for:


If you click on the Find button, BioStor will search for the reference.

Search results

If the reference already exists in BioStor then you will be taken to a page displaying information about that reference. If the reference doesn't already exist in BioStor, but BioStor has found it then you will see a display like this:


The page displays one or more possible matches in the Biodiversity Heritage Library. If you have supplied the title of the reference you are looking for, BioStor will compute a "Title Score" based on how well the title matches the text on the corresponding page in the Biodiversity Heritage Library. A score of 1 is a perfect match. The search results also display a thumbnail of the Biodiversity Heritage Library page. You can click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

If you want to accept the match you must first fill in the CAPTCHA, then click on the Click here to accept this match button. BioStor will then load this reference into its database. Note that if BioStor hasn't encountered references from journal before, it may take some time to display the reference while it downloads the page images from BHL.

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