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Using BioStor with EndNote

You can link to BioStor references from within EndNote®.

Set up OpenURL linking

To enable OpenURL linking go to EndNote Preferences and click on OpenURL. You should see a dialog box similar to this one (the example is from EndNote 9 on Mac OS X):

endnote openurl

Do the following:

  1. Check Enable OpenURL
  2. Set the OpenURL Path to
  3. Click on Save

Use OpenURL linking

To use OpenURL linking, simply open an individual reference in EndNote and click on the Open URL Link command in the References menu. For example, here is a reference from the Decapoda Tree of Life EndNote library:

endnote reference

If we click on the References menu we see the Open URL Link command (not to be confused with the Open URL command):

endnote menu

If you click on Open URL Link EndNote will take you to your default web browser and load the OpenURL, in this case

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